Renault Transfers All Its Assets In Russia To Putin For Just 1 Ruble

    Announcing its withdrawal from Russia due to the Ukraine War, Renault transferred all its assets in Russia to the Russian government. Renault will be able to “partially” reverse this decision within 6 years if it wishes.

    Russia, which declared war on Ukraine a few months ago, faced the reaction of the international public. In this context; While the view of ordinary people towards Russia changed in a negative way, giant companies announced that they had decided to withdraw from the country. French auto giant Renault was one of the companies that pulled out of Russia. Now, there has been a remarkable development on this issue.

    Renault transferred all its assets in Russia to the Russian government. In the statements made by the Russian government, it was stated that the parties had reached an agreement. Thus, all assets of Renault Russia in the country were transferred to the Russian government and the Moscow municipality administration. Renault’s 68 per cent share in Avtovaz, the largest automobile company in Russia, passed to the Russian corporation NAMI.

    The transfer fee of Renault Russia is only 1 ruble

    It should be said that this transfer process is symbolic. Because, in the statements made by the Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia Denis Manturov in the past, it was announced that Renault’s assets in Russia would be transferred for only 1 ruble. On the other hand; Vladimir Putin also supported the decision of the government to take the assets of the companies withdrawing from the country.

    In the statements made about Renault’s transfer of its assets in Russia, it was stated that the company could take back its 68 per cent share in Avtovaz within 6 years. So Renault will be able to quickly return to Russia if it wishes. The agreement between the French company and the Russian government seems to be a clear indication that the parties leave each other open…

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