Russian Users Sued Apple This Time After Netflix

    A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Apple, which suspends Apple Pay after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russian users are demanding over $1 million in compensation from the US company.

    While the Russian occupation is now more than two months behind, the sanctions imposed are bothering Russian users. While many countries were embarrassing Russia because Putin did not take a step back, technology giant Apple joined this caravan again.

    Platforms such as Spotify and Netflix suspended their activities in Russia, as is known. Apple has banned the use of Apple Pay indefinitely for users in Russia. In response, Russian users took action and filed a lawsuit against the US company. 

    $1 million lawsuit shock to Apple

    According to Reuters, Russian users are demanding compensation of $1.26 million, or 90 million rubles, in exchange for Apple’s ban. This request was brought to court by the Russian law firm Chernyshov, Lukoyanov & Partner, on the grounds that Apple victimized users. However, the decision has not yet been made. 

    So what happened in this process?

    Platforms such as Google, Spotify and Netflix stopped their activities in Russia after the invasion of Ukraine. Apple, on the other hand, suspended Apple Pay against Russian users, as it did with Google Pay. However, the Cupertino-based company later closed the gap by using Mir card payment systems, removing factors that prevented Apple Pay from being used. Still, as the case is taken to court, Apple may face paying the 1.26 million compensation. 

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