Samsung will raise the world with Russia’s move!

    Since Samsung has not yet taken a decision for Russia, it has become a matter of curiosity. An open call for sanctions came from Ukraine to Samsung.

    Samsung has been criticized for not being part of the business movement to protest Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Korean manufacturer; Apple is facing increasing pressure to take part in efforts by global companies like Microsoft to stop selling products in Russia.

    Dozens of companies such as Apple, Intel, Nike and BMW began to take a stand against Russia by withdrawing the shipment or production of their products. However, since there has been no sanctions from Samsung regarding the invasion, both industry analysts and the Ukrainian administration are calling for Samsung to withdraw from Russia.

    Why does Samsung not impose sanctions on Russia?

    According to the data of Counterpoint Research, Samsung is the leader in the smartphone market with a 33.2 percent share in Russia in 2021. Apple is in second place with a rate of around 15 percent, but Apple has already announced that it will exit Russia.

    Having recently launched its latest Galaxy S22 smartphone, Samsung has huge production lines, including smartphone, in Russia. The tech giant has also been managing a large share of the country’s smartphone market since 2007.

    In the statement shared on Twitter by Ukrainian Vice President Mykhailo Fedorov, a clear call was made to Samsung. Fedorov said he believed Samsung’s departure from Russia would help stop “shameful military aggression”.

    In addition, Ben Wood, principal analyst at market monitoring firm CCS Insight, drew attention to the difference between Apple and Samsung. According to Wood, Samsung will not be able to take sanction decisions as easily as Apple, as it is by far the first in the Russian market in terms of the service sector.

    “Apple's suspension of sales was made possible because its business in Russia is not as large as Samsung and the US government's involvement in the sanctions movement. However, Korean companies find it right to act in cooperation with their governments. Therefore, Samsung is watching the Russian invasion closely.”

    Although there was a call from the Vice President of Ukraine, let us remind you that Samsung has not yet taken a clear decision. A Samsung Electronics spokesperson also said that sanctions for the attack are out of question for now.

    In addition, the South Korean government condemned the armed invasion late last month, announcing that it would join the international community’s sanctions on finance and exports to Russia.

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