Starbucks Says Goodbye to Russia After 15 Years

    Starbucks, which suspended its operations in Russia in early March, announced today that it will withdraw completely from the market in the country.

    Starbucks is a brand that some people like very much and some do not prefer because they find it expensive. However, although it is described as expensive, Starbucks is very popular all over the world. For this reason, the company is shown among the pioneers of the coffee industry.  

    Starbucks, the giant chain store, has decided to withdraw from Russia with a decision shared today. After opening its first store in the country in 2007, Starbucks gained great popularity in Russia as well as all over the world.

    Starbucks bids farewell to Russia 

    In the past months, Starbucks announced that it is suspending its operations in Russia for an indefinite period. Most of us more or less guess why. As a result, there is no sector left that has not faced sanctions since Russia began invading Ukraine. Although Starbucks does not make a clear statement about this decision, it can be considered a small-scale sanction.  

    However, taking these ‘small-scale sanctions’ to a more serious dimension, the company announced today that they will withdraw completely from Russia. Product shipments were stopped with the decision to suspend operations. With the new decision of the company, it was decided to close 130 stores in Russia. Starbucks will continue to pay its current employees for 6 months. 

    Although a sanction from the ‘coffee industry’ may not seem like a serious problem for Russia, even the slightest reaction to the country’s military actions is something. However, the Russian people, who witnessed that many things were slipping out of their hands, were left without coffee on top of everything.  

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