90-Second Reels Coming: The Newest Coming Features To Instagram Announced

    Instagram has announced some new features that it will add to the platform. This time, developers who focus more on Reels videos will make the user experience fun, while making the work of content producers easier.

    The social media platform Instagram has gained many new features in the past weeks. The platform, which improves the messaging experience and offers story liking and chronological ordering features, has come to the fore with new features it will bring today.

    When we look at an official blog post shared by Instagram, we see that the developers are especially focused on Reels videos. So much so that Reels videos will now be longer. In addition, users will be presented with an advanced collection of sound effects. In addition, interactive stickers used in story sharing can now be used in Reels videos. Let’s take a closer look at the new features coming to Instagram.

    Reels’ video duration increases to 90 seconds

    Users who want to upload Reels to Instagram have been able to shoot videos of up to 60 seconds to date. With the new update, this time will be increased to 90 seconds. Considering that the video duration on TikTok, the strongest competitor of Instagram, is 10 minutes, we can say that the duration of Reels on Instagram is still short. However, Instagram seems to be trying not to detach the platform too much from its essence.

    A new sound library is coming. Those who want will be able to add sound from external sources!

    According to the official post shared by Instagram, a new sound effect library will be added to the application. Many sounds will be available in this library, from drums to crickets. Users will be able to add these sounds to their Reels videos. With the feature called Import Audio, users will be allowed to add audio from external sources.

    Survey and slider stickers coming to Reels

    Users who shared stories on Instagram could make these stories interactive with polls or slider stickers. Now this will also apply to Reels videos. A user will be able to add polls or slider stickers after creating the Reels video.

    Creating Reels videos will become easier with ready-made templates

    A new feature that will be added to Instagram in the near future will appear as ready-made templates. We can say that this feature will be useful because a user who wants to shoot a Reels video but does not know what to do will have predetermined everything for his Reels automatically by entering the Templates section. The captured video will be adapted to the template and the user’s work will be easier.

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