Company Named META Sues Meta For Changing Its Name To ‘Meta’

    Facebook, which changed its name to Meta last October, was sued by a company of the same name today for trademark infringement. The plaintiff, META, shared that he tried to contact Facebook, but when he did not get any results, he went to court.

    Facebook has also changed its name as part of its goal of coming to the metaverse in October 2021. The company, which has determined its new name as ‘Meta’, has come head-to-head with some companies due to the recent changes. One of them was the Dfinity Foundation’s similar logo suit against Meta.

    Today, a new complaint about Meta has come to the fore. META, a small-scale art organisation, has sued Meta, which changed its name (we’ll now refer to it as Facebook throughout the article to avoid confusion). META’s accusation against Facebook was about trademark infringement.

    Facebook has taken over our META brand and name, from which we built our blood, sweat and tears”

    In a statement shared by the company on its website, “On October 28, 2021, Facebook seized our META brand and name, which we have built with our blood, sweat and tears for over twelve years.” was stated. The company announced that it had tried to contact Facebook to date, but after its efforts proved futile, it filed a lawsuit against the company. The adverse situation caused by the conflict between the two names was explained as follows:

    “Meta can no longer provide goods and services under the META brand because consumers will inadvertently believe that Meta’s goods and services originate from Facebook and that Meta is inextricably linked to Facebook-related toxicity.”

    There was no statement from Facebook on the subject. Unfortunately, it is not clear whether META will triumph over Facebook.

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