‘React to Situations Feature’ Coming to WhatsApp

    This time, WhatsApp brings the ability to react with emoji, which is tested for messages a while ago, to situations. With the feature expected to be offered with the new update, users will be able to respond quickly to situations.

    WhatsApp, which has gained new features with its latest updates, will soon have one of the most used features of Instagram. WhatsApp, which is currently working on reacting with emojis in messages, will also bring it to the status section.

    According to the screenshot shared by WABetainfo from reliable sources, the platform belonging to Meta will have the feature of responding to the stories with a reaction, just like Instagram. However, the lack of the most used ‘flame’ emoji among these response options was also surprising.

    The Emoji reaction feature is coming to WhatsApp Stories

    The ability to react with emoji, which is currently being tested, is not yet officially available. However, we guess that WhatsApp will probably release its new feature that it is testing for status and messages together.

    The Quick Reactions feature will allow you to quickly reply with emoji while viewing the status update. The feature, which is familiar to Instagram, will now allow WhatsApp users to react with emojis.

    The screenshot above shows that the new react feature is almost exactly the same as Instagram. Emojis to be found in the application for now are; It will consist of hands clapping, smiling face with heart eyes, smiling face with tears of joy, face with open mouth in surprise, hands clapping and party reactions. But the flame emoji on Instagram does not appear on WhatsApp yet. We guess that this can be offered to users in the full version of the application.

    The leaking source stated that the feature, which is currently being tested for situations, was first tried on the desktop version. However, we hope that the same functionality will soon be available for iOS and Android platforms.  

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