The ‘Avatar’ Feature That Wills Add Fun To Your TikTok Videos Has Been Accessed To All Users

    The avatar feature, which became popular with Snapchat, has now come to TikTok, which is a tight follower after Instagram. As of today, you can shoot more entertaining videos with the feature that is accessible to all users and start creating your own avatars.

    The internet has now turned into a place like our home. Everyone we like or dislike appears in front of us in some way and we can see everyone in this way. However, it seems that now we will see not only people but also their avatars more often. 

    The ‘Avatar’ feature, which came to Instagram a while ago, appeared this time on TikTok. Of course, although Snapchat was the first application to popularize this feature, Snapchat is now out of place in the race between TikTok and Instagram. Of course, while this was the case, it was not surprising to see a feature coming to Instagram on TikTok in a short time. So what awaits us with TikTok’s new Avatar feature? Let’s see together. 

    How do we use the ‘Avatar’ feature?

    First of all, you need to go to the effects section and write ‘TikTok avatar’ to create your own avatar. Once you have found the effect to create your avatar, you can go back to work to create an avatar that is similar or dissimilar to yourself.  

    There is so much you can do. For example; You can change your hair or eye colour, wear piercings, apply makeup if you look pale, and use various accessories to your avatar to look fancy. After creating your avatar, all that’s left is to have some fun.

    You are ready to become famous with your avatar! 

    There are many effects that you can use in TikTok, and you can make yourself look very different with these effects. But making videos with your own avatar is quite a different experience. With your avatar imitating your gestures and facial expressions,  fun images will emerge. 

    With the announcement, the avatars, which were announced to be accessible to all users, have already attracted great attention. TikTok states that they will continue to work on the subject and that the feature will become much more comprehensive in the future. We will be following new developments with interest and we will be sharing the information we have with you.  

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