The feature that will anger those who throw ‘Story’ their whole life on Instagram

    The new feature that Instagram is working on for stories has emerged. According to the information obtained, users will now be able to view only 3 stories of the same user when they open any story. In order to see more stories of the same account, it will be necessary to tap a button like ‘see all’.

    A remarkable innovation is coming to Instagram, the world’s most popular online photo and short video sharing platform. Discovered by an Instagram user, this innovation has the potential to be annoying, especially for creator accounts. Because when the feature becomes available, users will not be able to see all of the story posts made from any account at the same time…

    Instagram users know; In the current system, even if 50 stories have been shared from an account, these stories are displayed in sequence at the same time. The new feature, which is thought to be in the testing phase, eliminates this situation. With the new feature, users will always see only 3 of the story posts made from different accounts. In order to view other stories, the created ‘see all’ button will need to be touched.

    Here’s what Instagram’s new story layout looks like

    As you can see in the screenshot above; If the new feature being worked on becomes available, there will be a new section on the page where the stories are watched. This section will show how many stories that account has shared. By clicking a button (Mostrar tudo – See all) to be added to the page, the user will access all the stories shared by that account. Meanwhile, it is not yet clear under what conditions the 3 stories to be shown will be determined.

    Instagram has not yet made any statement about its new feature, which has been offered to a limited user base. Moreover, it should not be forgotten that this feature is in the testing phase. The feature may be rolled out to all users in the near future. However, if negative feedback or technical problems are encountered, we may never be able to meet Instagram’s new story layout. 

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