YouTube Will Show Ads On TikTok Rival Shorts

    YouTube has announced that it will bring ads to the Shorts feature, which has become increasingly popular lately. The popular video platform also announced that it will provide financial support to content producers who advertise through Shorts.

    After the phenomenal success of TikTok in recent years, many platforms such as Instagram and YouTube have started to offer video streams similar to TikTok’s style. Seen as TikTok’s biggest competitor, Instagram continues to constantly update Reels, while YouTube is constantly trying to catch up with Reels and TikTok by constantly offering new projects to improve Shorts.

    Jerry Dischler, the head of Google’s advertising department, announced that ads will be shown on YouTube Shorts, just like Reels. Moreover, we will start seeing these ads sooner than we think.

    Content producers will be able to promote their products and content on Shorts

    According to the statement, Youtube will encourage content producers to advertise on Shorts. The company announced that it will not take any share from the product purchases and ‘join the channel‘ fees made through the advertisements. In addition, users who watch advertisements on the YouTube mobile application will be able to view the site without leaving the application, thanks to the Web View feature, when they click on the links in the advertisements they watch.

    The popular video platform announced a $100 million support package last year to encourage creators to upload Shorts videos. The company also stated that it has distributed 40% of this support package to content producers and will prepare more support packages for Shorts and ads in the future.

    YouTube officials also announced that they will bring more innovations for Shorts and videos in the future.

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