Blue Origin Announces Highest Offer To Go To Space

One of the 6 seats of Blue Origin’s vehicle, which will go to space on 20 July 2021, was put up for auction. The company stated that the highest bid for this seat was $ 2.8 million.
Blue Origin, a Washington-based aerospace research company founded by Jeff Bezos, will perform the first crew flight of the New Shepard vehicle on July 20. A seat of the vehicle with a capacity of 6 people was put up for auction last May. According to the information provided by the company, if you plan to go to space with this vehicle, you will have to sacrifice at least $ 2.8 million.

We can imagine that the auction is ongoing and therefore $ 2.8 million will rise further. You can learn the latest situation in the auction, which will continue until June 10. The auction will end with a live event to be held on June 12th.

To talk about the tour, the winner will take the Blue Origin vehicle named Shepard, which we mentioned, and accompany them on the first flight of the crew. Let us point out that there is a meaning behind the selection of the date as 20 July. Because this date coincides with the 52nd anniversary of Apollo 11’s landing on the Moon. Apart from these, Blue Origin explains the reason behind the 5 May, the start date of the auction, as the 60th anniversary of America’s first crew flight. The spacecraft Shepard’s name comes from the astronaut Alan Shepard, who took part in the flight we mentioned.

What does this money mean to Jeff Bezos, who is currently on the richest list?

You may have thought that for Jeff Bezos, who is currently on the richest list, this money wouldn’t mean anything. According to the information on the Blue Origin page, the money from the winning bid will be donated to the Club for Future, a non-profit organization founded by Blue Origin. With this move, aviation and space company Blue Origin aims to encourage future generations to contribute to the construction of life in space in the future by planning their careers in fields such as science, technology and engineering.