A New Accessory Has Been Developed That Will Allow You To Use Your Breath In Virtual Reality

    A new VR accessory has been developed to add a whole new dimension to Oculus Quest 2, which has weird accessories. So what can we do with this new accessory? Let’s have a look.

    VR manufacturers and R&D teams are looking for ways to improve the immersive experience of the product. So today a group of Australian researchers have developed a new VR accessory that will literally take your breath away. A research team at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences recently introduced a unique accessory for the Oculus Quest 2, a product called the AirRes Mask.

    This peripheral, which looks quite different from other VR accessories, aims to use a person’s breathing as an input method and provide “increased levels of interaction and multi-sensory stimulation.”

    AirRes Mask controls your breathing during gameplay

    As you can see below, the research team that published a video explains some of the product’s features with examples. This device has many features, from blowing a harmonica to regulating your breathing while aiming a gun. It also has a feature that offers “breathing resistance to convey contextual information such as adverse environmental conditions” that directly affects your view in the VR world.

    This product, called AirRes Mask, is equipped with a half-face respirator, sensor and resistance disc that makes the feeling of suffocation feel real. The research team explains the purpose of this fire simulation in the trailer for AirRes Mask is to simulate “real-time breathing resistance” using a virtual firefighting demonstration to show how realistically the technology replicates harsh environmental conditions.

    In this demo, smoke fills your sandbox in a short time and AirRes Mask also reduces your character’s stamina in the VR world by restricting your breath to simulate this feeling. AirRes Mask restores your airflow after the fire is extinguished. Since this product, which even increases the stress level of the user to better simulate real-life conditions, is an experimental technology product for now, it seems unlikely that it will be available for purchase anytime soon.

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