Amazon Announces $1 Billion Investing in Humanoid Robot Studies

    Amazon, which has become a giant in e-commerce and earns billions of dollars every year, announced that it will invest 1 billion dollars in humanoid robot technologies.

    Although humanoid robots are seen as the technology of the future, we are at the very beginning of the road right now. As a result, technology giants are in a kind of race in this developing field. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that one of the names who most want to see humanoid robot technology develop is Elon Musk. You know, he recently made a very interesting statement and said that humanoid robots are even more important than electric cars.

    Although this sentence we heard from the founder of Tesla shocked many of us, it was also an indication of how seriously humanoid robot technology was taken by companies. Moreover, Musk is not alone in this thought. The giant trading company Amazon, in a new statement, will take the responsibility for humanoid robot technology. Although the company does not make as big investments as Musk for now, it has revealed that it supports robot technology. 

    1 billion dollars will be invested in humanoid robot technologies 

    Setting out to support emerging technologies, Amazon announced that they plan to invest in companies that share their curiosity and enthusiasm for invention. Moreover, Amazon states that the companies to be invested in can work with them and direct users to Amazon if they wish; He states that if they want to, they can use this investment entirely for the growth of their own companies. Allocating 1 billion dollars (approximately 14 billion TL) to invest, Amazon has already cut a few companies into its eyes.  

    Amazon plans to invest 150 million dollars (approximately 2 billion TL) of the fund allocated to Agility Robotics, which produces bipedal robots. Amazon, the rest of the fund; plans to transfer it to Modjoul, which works on wearable technologies, Vimaan, which uses computer technology for inventory verification, BionicHIVE, which is assisted by robot technology for the rack stacking system, and Mantis Robotics, which works on tactile robot arms. Amazon, which has ceased to be an e-commerce giant and supports robot technology with its investments, states that it will continue to support new technologies.

    When you think about it, 1 billion dollars is not a big amount for Amazon, which earned about 470 billion dollars in revenue last year. However, considering that the companies it invests in are developing the technology of the future, this investment actually becomes much more valuable.  

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