Android and iOS User Ratios Announced Worldwide: Who’s Leading the Big Race?

    A new report has revealed that Android operating systems have lost some of their global market share to iOS. When the data is examined, Android’s share decreased by 7.58%; It was observed that iOS experienced an increase of around 6%.

    It is a well-known fact that the continuous development of technology leads all humanity to ‘digitalization’. For this reason, many people around the world are buying smartphones that are essential for our daily work. In fact, researches reveal that more than 80% of the world’s population has a smartphone, revealing how popular and necessary these devices are.

    Of course, the operating systems used in these phones are also of great importance for consumers to have a better experience. It is possible to say that Android developed by Google and iOS operating systems developed by Apple dominate the smartphone market. The analysis also reveals that 7 out of ten people today use Android, and at least two of the rest use iOS. But a new report shows that this dominance of Android is waning.

    Android lost some of its global market share to Apple

    Android and iOS

    A report shared yesterday by StockApps revealed that the global market share of the Android operating system has been declining in recent years. According to the statements, the share, which was 77.32% in 2018, decreased to 69.74% in January 2022 and experienced a depreciation of 7.58%. In addition, the market share of iOS reached 25.49 % from 19.4% and experienced an increase of over 6%.

    •  69.32% Android, 30% iOS in Europe
    •  45% Android, 54% iOS in North America and Oceania
    • 81% Android, 18% iOS in Asia
    • 90% Android, 10% iOS in South America
    • 84% Android, 14% iOS in Africa

    In short, Android’s significant loss over the past four years; can be said that Apple is making a profit. However, the data shows that Google’s Android operating system still dominates the global market. This reveals that Apple still has a long way to go before it has the highest market share.

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