Android Users Beware: Google Fights Apps That Record Phone Calls

    The ability to record voice calls, which has been available with third-party software for several years, is officially a thing of the past. Google will give the edict of applications serving this area on May 11th.

    Play Store, the application store of Android phones, is updated from time to time as a result of the decisions taken. The store, which is often busy removing harmful and trojan applications, will disable many more in May, according to a decision made by Google. Call recording apps will not be able to work on phones very soon. After that, it will start to be removed from the Play Store.

    According to the information revealed, Google, which will disable the applications that can record calls as of May, shows its changing policies as a reason. This feature, which is available on Xiaomi and Pixel devices, has been offered internally to Android phones by Google for years. However, it was removed from Android with Android 10.

    Wants to avoid call recording

    Android wants to avoid call recording

    Google’s removal of this feature from Android resulted in various manufacturers adding this feature to their interfaces. While brands such as Xiaomi did not remove this feature from their phone applications, other users downloaded alternative programs from the Play Store. However, Google wants to prevent this situation.

    Recording apps in the Play Store use Google’s Accessibility API. In other words, before recording the voice, it gets approval from Google and the user. However, according to the information revealed today, Google will not share the Accessibility API with these applications. The company’s policies, which will be updated on May 11, will prevent voice search apps from accessing the Accessibility API.

    It is said that this will not affect the internal recording systems of Google Pixel and Xiaomi models. It is stated that the new policy will only cover third-party call recording applications.

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