First Beta Version of Android 13 Released

    The new version of Android, the world’s most popular mobile operating system, is approaching. Android 13 Beta 1 was released and some of the innovations that will come with the new generation operating system have emerged.

    Updated every year and presented to users with various innovations, the Android 13 version will appear in the coming months. While the majority of users have not yet received the latest Android 12 update, the emergence of information about Android 14 recently revealed that the updated business has gained a different dimension. Google, on the other hand, released the first beta version of Android 13 in April, adhering to the update program it published earlier.

    Google, which released the first and second Android 13 Developer Preview in February and March, respectively, said that it would start the Beta process this month. In this direction, the company, which released the first beta of the new version this morning, added a few innovations to the system.

    More detailed media access permissions

    As it is known, the Android front has been trying to improve itself on permissions for years. Bringing innovations in security and permissions in every update, Google also changes permissions in this update.

    Until now, when an application wanted to access a media file on the Android front, it received much more extensive permission from the user. For example, an application that only needed to access audio files would receive permission to access all media directly. In Android 13 Beta 1 this changed. 

    Now, with Android 13, applications will only get permission from the user in the media area they need. If an application wants to access audio files, it will ask for permission to read audio files, if it wants to access photos, to read photos, if it wants to access videos, it will ask for permission to read videos. If the application needs more than one file type, the permission box will be valid for both.

    More comprehensive error notifications in Keystore and KeyMint

    Keystore and KeyMint applications that generate keys give more detailed and more accurate error notifications with the new update. While changes can be made in the new key generation, signing and encryption methods of the applications, it is aimed to avoid the user’s errors thanks to the improved error reports.

    Better volume control

    The Android 13 Beta 1 update also contained some innovations on the audio side. With the new arrangement, which is defined as ” helping media applications determine how their sound should be directed “, is aimed at the user to listen to music more smoothly.

    To be more specific, this feature will more accurately display the list of devices that can be used while playing the specified sound, thanks to the added APIs. In addition, the format of the audio file and the quality of the audio will be reviewed before playing the audio, and if there is a problem, the user will be quickly notified. The remaining features are the same as those released in the Developer Preview. To learn about these features, you can browse our news below.

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