Google will bring its beloved feature to Android!

    Google finally brings the feature that Android users have been looking forward to. With this feature, users will find great convenience.

    Google has been expanding its privacy features over the past few years. Android users finally get the best feature that iOS users have been able to use since last summer. With this feature, you can quickly delete the last 15 minutes of your call history with a single tap. According to the latest information, the company has confirmed this feature. Here are the details

    Google brings ‘Delete last 15 minutes’ option
    There were several ways to delete call history on Android until now . Each of these ways was also manual. However, the latest update shows that you have another option.

    Tech giant Google has confirmed that its Android app finally lets you delete the last 15 minutes of your search history. The company said that the feature, which came to iOS in July last year, will be available to all Android users worldwide in the next few weeks . Google spokesperson Ned Adriance made the following statements regarding the specifics.

    We’re currently rolling out this feature in the Google app for Android and expect it to be available to everyone using the app in the next few weeks. We continue to explore ways to bring this useful feature to other surfaces.

    The company reported that the feature is currently available in the Google app, and one of its editors has access to it on his phone. The first appearance of the feature was noticed by XDA Developers ‘ editor-in-chief Mishaal Rahman .

    The first thing you need to do to implement the feature is to go to the Google app. Then tap your profile picture in the upper right corner. Then you can see the ‘ Delete the last 15 minutes ‘ option between ‘ Search history ‘ and ‘ Last ‘ option.

    It has not been seen that the company has given details about the features it has updated so far until it becomes available. Now there is a thought that he is doing something similar. However, Google has not made a statement about whether it will bring the quick delete feature to the desktop.

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