The ‘Messages’ App on Android Turned Out to be Draining the Battery

    An important error has appeared in the Messages application offered by Google for Android users. Users complain that the app consumes the battery fast.

    Android users have been complaining of fast battery drain lately. According to recent reports, one of the main reasons for this is the Google Messages app.

    Most of the people using the Google Messages app this week reported that the app is taking serious battery drain in the background via platforms like Reddit. In addition, a user stated that the application heats the device.

    Error in Google Messages drains the battery

    According to reports, the Google Messages app runs the camera in the background, quickly draining the battery. Users first detected this situation in the battery usage section. The problem was revealed that the application remained active for 12 hours in the last 24 hours.

    The error in Google Messages is due to the photo sending feature of the application. The application, which uses the camera in the background, seriously increases the battery consumption of the device. 

    The problem with battery consumption is quite simple. You can prevent battery consumption by controlling the permissions of the application in your Android settings. Go to Settings > Applications > Messages > Permissions > Camera and enable the “Don’t Allow” option . In this way, you can prevent battery consumption by prohibiting the application’s camera usage permission.

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