The new feature of Android 13 appeared early!

    Android 13, which is expected to be released this year, will offer a better experience for everyone, especially tablet users, with its new feature.

    The testing phase continues for Android 13 , which we expect to be released this year . Thanks to the beta process called Developer Preview by Google, developers integrate their applications into the new version. As this integration process continues, we are partially aware of the innovations that will be found in the final version of Android 13. Another feature appeared with the new Developer Preview update that has just been released.

    Android 13 improves profile feature
    If you have experienced a Google Pixel, you may have noticed the profile feature. It is not necessary to use Pixel, some interfaces also have a profile feature. But this time they are taken even further. The feature, which has been in a corner of the phone settings until this time and has not been used much, gains extra functionality with Android 13.

    With the latest preview version of Android 13, a profile switch button has been added to the notification bar. If more than one person is using the device, it will be possible to switch between profiles with one click. Although we do not think that this will be preferred in smartphones, your hand can often go there on common tablets.

    It is useful to add, although this feature has come, it is turned off by default. If you are one of those who have installed the Developer Preview , you need to activate this feature in the developer settings .

    When Android 13 is fully released, there will probably be no need to enter the developer settings. This button will appear on devices with more than one profile.

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