This Android app, downloaded hundreds of thousands of times, steals your password!

    Android users are in danger of Facestealer trojan. Beware of the danger in the photo app that has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

    It turned out that a popular application on the Google Play Store threatened hundreds of thousands of users. In the report prepared by the security firm, it was stated that the popular photo software stole Facebook accounts and leaked user information. The danger of Facestealer for Android is growing.

    The latest report published by the security research company Pradeo revealed that the Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools application on Google Play, which has been installed by more than 100 thousand users, has the Facestealer virus .

    Facestealer trojan in the popular Android app
    The Trojan Horse Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools app threatens users on Android app store. The app was alleged to be spyware that could steal all kinds of information from victims’ social media accounts.

    The Facestealer Trojan is socially engineered to steal Facebook credentials by sending data to a Russian server . This software; has access to spy on what we do on Facebook, including recording credit card information, conversations, calls, and more.

    The Craftsart Cartoon Photo Tools app is still available for download on Google Play, but Pradeo said it has notified the Google Play team to remove the app. If you are one of the 100,000 users who have downloaded this app or other apps from the maker, remove it right away from your smartphone, change your Facebook password and also log out of all open sessions.

    The danger of Facestealer for Android is growing. It’s not the first time we’ve seen popular photo editing apps become a dangerous virus, but the fact that it has spread to more than 100,000 users shows the extent of the danger. When you open the application, the Facebook login window opens and it is not possible to use the application unless you log in.

    The purpose of social engineering is to scam, send phishing links , and spread fake news, so if an app you don’t trust asks for a Facebook login and password, we advise you to ignore it.

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