Xiaomi Started Working to Block APKs of Android Apps

    With an announcement, Xiaomi made attempts to prevent the extraction and sharing of APKs from the Android operating system. Downloading APKs is a thing of the past?

    For many years, the ease of extracting and sharing APK files has been an advantage of the Android operating system. For example, if an application update is causing problems, you can fix it by downloading an old version of the application from the internet until the problem is resolved.

    However, companies disagree with us users about copying and installing APK files from third-party sources. Xiaomi made a statement on this very subject. The company has announced an open-source Android project that prevents device owners from copying and sharing APK files from third-party sources. The reason is to “protect private resources”.

    Downloading APKs is a thing of the past?

    Xiaomi wants apps to be available only on the Google Play Store or other trusted markets. However, Google has openly opposed the company’s initiative, but not because of competition or private resource conservation. The reason is that the software made by Xiaomi has a significant drawback.

    This software is designed to prevent APK files from being extracted only from the normal (custom) build of Android. However, according to one of the Googlers, to circumvent this limitation, it will be enough to install the debug build on the Android system and this will allow the APK to be extracted as usual.

    Google developers are almost certain that APK files cannot be made non-extractable. It’s impossible to make APKs non-extractable by any means, but Xiaomi is just as stubborn as Google and wants to put an end to the APK business.

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