3 New Features Expected to Come with Apple iOS 15.5

    The features that will come with the iOS 15.5 update that Apple will release in the coming days have emerged. Here are three of the expected innovations…

    The countdown has begun for Apple’s new update, iOS 15.5. The update, which is expected to be released on May 16-17, will be presented with some new features. So what will come with iOS 15.5? Here are the features that Apple is expected to offer iPhones…

    Some innovations that the new iOS 15.5 update will bring had appeared in previous beta versions. Now, reliable sources have made claims about some features that will come with the new update.

    What’s new with iOS 15.5

    Apple Classical

    The first change is expected to occur on the music side. Attaching importance to classical music, Apple last purchased the Primephonic classical music application in August 2022. With this purchase, it is expected that users will be given a privilege that includes classical music. Of course, it is not yet known whether this will come integrated into the Apple Music application or standalone.

    Apple Pay Cash

    Another innovation is expected to be seen in the Wallet application. Because in the previous beta codes, various changes to be made here have appeared, and important information about the feature has also been revealed. According to the information in the beta codes, Apple Pay will have the ‘Apple Pay Cash’ feature. This will come with Request and Submit buttons. Users will be able to transfer cash from their cards to each other with Apple Pay Cash.

    Other changes

    In addition to the above, there will be a few other minor changes. With the iOS 15.5 update; A new setting will be introduced for podcasts. Thanks to this setting, users; will be able to limit how many Podcast episodes can be kept in storage areas and automatically delete the old ones.

    On the other hand, wi-fi signal indicators will be displayed for HomePods. With this feature, you will be able to view the HomePods you have and prevent you from connecting to the wrong network. These are the highlights for now. When there is a new development, we will share it with you again.

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