6 warnings that your iPhone is about to break!

    In this article, we talked about 6 important warnings that show you that your iPhone is about to fail.

    There are many iPhone users around the world. Thanks to its advanced features and different operating systems, especially compared to Android devices, iPhones are very popular and reach good sales figures around the world.

    Sometimes, some errors can occur on iPhone models. As a result of these errors, the efficiency of the device decreases and some warnings inform us of this situation. In this article, we will talk about 6 warnings that indicate major problems with the iPhone device .

    1- Battery life
    iPhones use lithium-ion batteries. This battery drops below 80 percent after about 2 years or 500 charge cycles. You can see this ratio by going to the Settings app and in the Battery section. If your battery health drops below 80 percent, your battery life will decrease. In this case, you can buy a new device or replace your battery from Apple.

    2- Random reboot on iPhone models
    Sometimes iPhone devices may restart by themselves. Although this does not always mean danger, in some cases it may give you a warning. Usually the reboot happens when the device is cold or hot . If your device is shutting down due to cold, the battery will recover when it warms up. However, if it turns off due to heat, it shows you the possibility that some parts of this device may be damaged.

    3- Camera and Microphone signs
    With an update coming in 2020, when the camera and microphone are activated on iPhone devices, green and orange dots appear on the device. If these dots appear when you are not using the camera and microphone, it may mean that someone else is spying on you. Therefore, you can manage the permissions of the application you use by going to Sett

    4- No iOS update to your iPhone
    Apple offers updates to as many devices as it can. However , after 5-6 years, the devices do not receive updates. This greatly increases the chances of your device being hacked. Especially with the updates, vital errors are fixed and security is improved. This may push you to buy a new iPhone.

    5- Ghost touches
    Sometimes, some ghost touches occur on your iPhone even though you are not touching it . This is not usually caused by software bugs. Damage to your screen causes this. In such a case, you can change the screen of your device by going to the Apple Store.

    6- Red water strips
    In some cases, your iPhone may be exposed to water. This is one of the worst things that can happen to iPhone owners. Usually Apple takes it out of warranty and you come across high repair costs. The contact of the device with water is decided by a strip called LCI located in the SIM card slot . If your device has come into contact with water, the LCI in the SIM card slot changes from silver to red, indicating that the device has been in contact with water.

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