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A new move from Apple Card for international use!


Work continues to expand the usage area of ​​the Apple Card, which was introduced in 2019. Apple is going into a new partnership.

Technology giant Apple wants to expand into more areas by expanding its product range in recent years. The company, which appeals to its users with the ecosystem it has established, introduced the Apple Card in 2019. The card, which is the product of the partnership of Apple and Goldman Sachs, has recently been taking steps to expand its sphere of influence.

Apple acquires credit scorer Credit Kudos
The company, of which Tim Cook is the CEO, launched the Apple Card in 2019. It was first made available in the USA. Cook had signaled from time to time that he was working on the international use of the card. Apple is preparing to pave the way for this situation with an agreement it has made.

In line with its goals, Apple acquired Credit Kudos, a British firm that provides credit scoring for banks. According to the financial research publication The Block, Apple has allocated a budget of 150 million dollars for the acquisition. Richard Gnodde, CEO of Apple Card partner Goldman Sachs International, gave the signals of growth in 2019 with the following sentences.

We will start in the US, but over time we will definitely consider international opportunities for this.

This partnership paved the way for Apple Card to become international. Credit Kudos is known as a company that aims to help banks by measuring the credit worthiness of individuals and institutions applying for credit cards. Many features of Apple Card are also appreciated by users.

Apple Card features
Working primarily with Apple Pay, the card offers cashback up to 2% on purchases made. The card, which Apple describes as a stylish titanium card , does not charge transfer or commission fees. It also offers 0-interest installment options, which are valid for Apple products.

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