An Apple Legend Has Ended

    Apple’s legendary device designed for music lovers ends the production of the iPod Touch. Thus, Apple’s iPods are completely ‘disappearing’.

    iPod, one of the technological products designed by Apple for music lovers and which marked the end of the 2000s and the beginning of the 2010s, no longer carries its former popularity today. Likewise, Apple will be aware of this that it is preparing to close the iPod era completely.

    With an announcement made today, Apple will stop the production of iPod Touches, the last member of the iPod series, which continues to be produced. However, the technology giant announced on its official site that sales will continue until stocks run out. If you want to buy a brand new iPod Touch, this may be your last chance.

    iPod Touches are out of stock

    Although Apple no longer produces such music-oriented devices, the company states that it continues to carry the spirit of the iPod with devices such as the iPhone, iPad and HomePod mini. The first iPod was produced exactly 20 years ago, but with this new decision, the iPod Touch, the last iPod model that continues to be produced, will also be buried in history. Production of the iPod Nano and Shuffle was discontinued in 2017.

    The last iPod Touch model, released by Apple in 2019, was appreciated for its similarity to the iPhone design and advanced technical features at that time. However, considering that the phones we don’t miss anymore are also ‘music players’, we can say that it is not very interesting that Apple made such a decision.

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