App Store and Apple Music Services Reportedly Having Problems

    It wasn’t long before Apple got over the problems it had with its services in the past few days, when new complaints began to come. Users are now also experiencing issues with the App Store and Apple Music services.

    Last month, we reported that Apple’s services crashed and there were problems in accessing many services, including iCloud, Maps and the App Store. Apple continues to come to the fore in user complaints and such problems in services. 

    Apple, which has billions of users all over the world, was on the agenda this time with the problems experienced by users in the App Store and Apple Music. Many users on Reddit stated that they had problems or disruptions in accessing. 

    It is stated that the problem covers all users

    One of the complaints from users on Reddit was that the lyrics were missing in the Apple Music app . However, the complaints that started with this problem grew like an avalanche. Some of the users  stated that they could not listen to the music they downloaded offline and the audio features were not working properly. Likewise, there have been a lot of complaints from the App Store, and the vast majority of users have complained about problems with their app lists.

    On Apple’s system status page, it was stated that the problem covers all users and continues intermittently.  While this does not mean that everyone will face these problems, it does mean that it is an effective problem worldwide. Work continues to solve these service problems experienced by Apple users.

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