Apple Introduces iPadOS 16 With Unique iPad-Specific Features

    The new update of iPadOS, the iPad-specific operating system that Apple has been offering to users for a long time, has been introduced. Let’s take a closer look at iPadOS 16 with all its new features.

    The iPadOS operating system, which Apple implemented with the introduction of iOS 13 in 2019, made users very satisfied. Thanks to this operating system, which is unique to iPads, many features on the devices appeared for the first time in 2019.

    Yesterday, iPadOS 16, the new version of the iPadOS operating system, was introduced. Let’s take a closer look at iPadOS 16, which makes tablets very easy to use and introduces new device-specific features.

    The highly anticipated iPadOS 16 is finally here

    iPadOS 16 was also officially unveiled at WWDC. There are many new features in iPadOS 16, which will host the same multitasking features introduced for macOS. Let’s take a look together.

    Here are all the new features coming to iPads:

    Collaboration where you can be creative with your friends

    With iPadOS 16 comes the Collaboration tool, which is just like the Google Docs system. Thanks to Collaboration, for example, when you come to the sharing section through the Messages application, the Collaboration tab opens, which was not there before.

    Here, you can easily share the document you are focusing on with the Collaboration group that you pre-determined. The people you share with can make edits on documents such as notes, PDFs or images.

    From the Collaboration tab, you can initiate video, audio or written communication with your group to talk directly about that document. During the Collaboration search, you can join the Safari application screen shared by someone, and you can also browse the tabs they are in.

    More creativity: Free Form

    We talked about the Collaboration feature. Another nice thing about this feature is that you can open a blank page during the Collaboration search, and everyone in your group can write and draw whatever they want there, and add any document, picture, video or document they want. While doing all this, you can also video chat. The good thing is, that this feature will come not only to iPadOS but also to macOS and iOS.

    iPadOS 16 won’t forget gamers either

    With iPadOS 16, various features will be added for players. For example, while downloading a large file of a game, you will be able to continue doing other work in the background. Using your GameCenter account, you will be able to log in to the games without creating an account, and you will be able to see what your friends are doing in the Activity section of your GameCenter profile. 

    With the new SharePlay tool, you will be able to start a session and start playing games directly with your online friends. These features will also come to macOS and iOS, just like Collaboration.

    Desktop-class app updates

    With iPadOS 16, small but important changes are coming to iPad apps. iPad apps will be made more compatible with the iPad’s big screen, features will come on Mac but not on iPad but if you want. For example, in the Files application, you can now change the file extension and handle actions such as renaming or copying documents with easy shortcuts.

    iPads will be a better second-screen thanks to iPadOS 16 

    Reference Model, which will come with iPadOS 16, will be a great feature for professionals working with iPad. As you know, you can now use iPads as a second screen. In this context, the screens of iPads as secondary screens will now have the same colour scale as your main device.

    With iPadOS 16, you will now be able to allocate the memory you want to applications.

    If you have an iPad with an M1 chip inside, you can now set the memory you want to allocate to applications with iPadOS 16. 

    Finally: The stage Manager

    The last feature Apple brought with iPadOS 16: Stage Manager. Stage Manager takes multi-tasking on your iPads to the next level. You will have a multi-window menu with the same windows introduced for MacOS on the left.

    Moreover, this feature can be active when using your iPad as a secondary display. Thanks to Stage Manager, you will be able to display open applications like windows, just like a desktop computer (4 windows at the same time) and adjust window sizes.

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