Apple Introduces New WatchOS 9: Here Are All the New Features Coming to Smartwatches

    WatchOS 9, the new operating system developed by Apple for smartwatches, was introduced. Although the WatchOS mobile operating system, specially designed for Apple’s smartwatches, has many features in common with iOS on phones, it also has some advantages specific to smartwatches. New ones have been added to these advantages.

    Intelligent Watch Apple, which Apple released a while ago, have a unique mobile operating system. Thanks to this operating system called watchOS, many device-specific features are offered to users.

    At the WWDC 2022 event organised by Apple, the new operating system of Watch OS, WatchOS 9, was introduced. Let’s look at the features that will come to smartwatches with the new operating system.

    What’s new with watchOS 9

    When we look at the innovations in WatchOS 9, the new operating system developed by Apple for smartwatches, we see a new Podcast application with new notifications.

    WatchOS 9 is inspired by high-performance athletes

    WatchOS 9, indispensable for athletes, includes metrics, insights and training experiences inspired by high-performance athletes. WatchOS 9, which will help you analyze performance while doing sports, helps prevent injuries while having more enjoyable workouts. With a vertical oscillation meter, WatchOS 9 can measure how much it moves up and down. WatchOS 9, which even looks at metrics such as stride length and ground contact time, can suggest new training methods based on these data.

    Get better control of your body information with the Heartrate Zone app coming to watchOS 9

    Users with Apple Watch will have a special training option called Heart zone to focus on important points such as speed and endurance along with distance or time intervals while doing sports. WatchOS 9 will keep different data according to the action you take at the moment, while regularly making measurements such as pace and heart rate.

    You can compare the data obtained while doing intense sports with the data obtained when you are doing quieter training as you wish. In addition, the Fitness application is coming to iPhone users with or without an Apple Watch. Previously, you had to have an Apple Watch for this app. With this application, you can track your steps and how far you have travelled in detail on your iPhone.

    What does the sleep app Sleep Stages offer with watchOS 9?

    With the Sleep Stages application coming to WatchOS 9, Apple’s new operating system for smartwatches, you can find out whether you are in REM, core or deep sleep stages. You will be able to control which sleep state you are in which time interval. Saying that it wants to help advance the science of sleep, Apple will be able to send sleep stage data to scientists through the application.

    WatchOS 9 will make it possible to track people with irregular heart rhythms

    The Apple Watch, a heart rate monitor, will now alert people who will have signs of atrial fibrillation. This feature was already running in the background, but what’s new here is that people with Apple Watch will receive weekly alerts about their progress in atrial fibrillation.

    WatchOS 9 will track medication

    With watchOS 9 comes the Medications application that will allow you to keep track of your medications. Thanks to the Medicines application, notifications will be sent so that users can remember which medicine to take and when. This application can be viewed with both iPhone and Apple Watch. You will be able to scan the drug label to introduce drugs into the app.

    Which smartwatches is watchOS 9 coming to?

    With watchOS 9, Apple is cutting support for Watch Series 3 smartwatches. The upcoming new operating system can be used on Watch Series 4 and later smartwatches.

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