Apple Shares iPadOS 16 Update for iPads with M1 Processors

    The new update of iPadOS, Apple’s operating system specific to iPads, for iPads with M1 processors has been presented to users. Let’s take a look at iPadOS 16 with M1 processor with all its new features.

    Apple released the iPadOS operating system with iOS 13. This new operating system also has features that iPad users are very satisfied with. This operating system, which is unique to iPads, came into our lives for the first time in 2019 with many special features on users’ tablets.

    iPadOS 16, the new version of the operating system of Apple iPads, was introduced in the past months. iPadOS 16, which makes tablets very easy to use and has new device-specific features, received a new update yesterday and a series of new features were introduced to users, especially for iPads with M1 processors. Let’s take a closer look at these new features offered to users with the public beta version.

    iPadOS 16 and M1 iPad users’ favorite feature is Stage Manager

    Stage Manager, M1 iPad Air and M1 iPad Pro exclusive updates are available to iPad users with iPadOS 16. Here’s what you can do with this iPadOS 16 feature:

    • Resizable windows: You can resize the windows and tabs you open with this feature that allows you to multitask at the same time.
    • Central application: Thanks to this feature, which allows you to use the application you are using without making it full screen, the application window you are working on is clearly located in the centre of the screen and other open applications or windows are listed on the left according to their last use and time.
    • Overlapping windows: By creating overlapping windows of different sizes, you can conveniently organize and use your ideal workspace.
    • Group apps together: You can open windows of different sizes on top of each other, drag and drop windows from the edge, or group apps to run apps in the Dock for a faster and more flexible experience.

    External display support for M1 iPad users with iPadOS 16 operating system

    Another important feature for iPads with iPasOS 16 operating system with M1 processor was special external display support. As Apple announced, full external display support is coming to iPad Pro with the M1 chip with resolutions up to 6K. This means you can run different apps simultaneously on your iPad and external display. With the new update you can also:

    • Access apps from the external screen: You can access your favorite apps and recently used apps from the Dock, or use the App Library to find the app you want faster.
    • Drag and drop between iPad and external display: M1 iPad users running iPadOS 16 can drag and drop files and windows from their iPad Pro to the external display and vice versa.

    12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro gets a special feature in iPadOS 16

    Even if you have an M1 iPad, that doesn’t mean you’ll have all the features found in iPadOS 16 just because Apple has rolled out a feature to larger iPads with new display modes. However, if you have a 12.9-inch iPad Pro with an M1 processor, you can have these features.

    • Reference Mode: Allows 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Liquid Retina XDR display to provide reference color for popular color standards and video formats.
    • Reference Mode with Sidecar: Allows you to use iPad Pro as a secondary reference display for your Mac.

    The magnifying glass features, which are only available for 2020 and later iPad Pro users, have also been rolled out to tablets with the M1 processor and iPasOS 16. Magnifier Detection Mode allows you to see everything around you comfortably with a new magnifying mode that includes door detection, human detection and image annotations. These features, which will be officially available soon for iPads with the M1 operating system, can be used by every user with the open beta version.

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