Apple starts selling cheap iPhone 12 Pro

    Apple has started selling refurbished iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro abroad at discounted prices from $110 to $180.

    Apple, Refurbished iPhone, Mac, iPad, accessories etc. in many countries such as Germany, USA, Canada, UK . sells products. Since refurbished devices are much more affordable than the originals, they are frequently preferred by people with limited budgets.

    To give an example: On Apple’s site, the iPhone 11 128GB (Green) model is priced at $549 , while it can be purchased refurbished for $469 ($ 80 off). The same is true for most products, from the Apple Watch to the iPad, Apple TV, and accessories like the Apple Pencil.

    Refurbished iPhone 12 Pro gets cheaper by as much as $180
    Apple has added iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models to its online store, where it sells certified refurbished products. The technology giant gives customers who buy refurbished phones a one-year limited warranty, a chance to return, and a new battery, as per its sales policy .

    According to Apple’s statement, these devices undergo a full functionality test, their battery and outer casing are renewed , and original parts are also replaced if necessary. In addition, the original iOS operating system is installed, the necessary cleaning is performed, and finally, it is packaged with all its accessories and delivered to the customer.

    The company explained the process of refurbished products as follows:

    Apple Certified Refurbished Products complete a rigorous refurbishment process that includes full testing to meet the same standards as new Apple products. You’ll have a “like new” device with genuine Apple spare parts that have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected.

    While the refurbished iPhone 12 64GB model can be purchased for $110 and the 128GB for $120 ; The iPhone 12 Pro 128GB model is available for $140, 256GB for $150, and 512GB for $180.

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