Apple’s Developer Services Crashed

    Apple’s developer services are experiencing disruptions. The reason for the ongoing blackouts is unknown. While there is no explanation from Apple on the subject, it seems that the problems experienced are unlikely to affect ordinary users. Except for the apps that can’t be updated of course…

    Those who develop applications for the US-based technology giant Apple have been encountering technical glitches for a while. When we look at the portal created by Apple for developers, we see that there are technical problems with some services and access is not possible. While Apple has not disclosed the cause of the problem, the work seems to be in progress.

    The issue that affects Apple developers affects all developers, regardless of country or region. The fact that no explanation has been made by Apple on the subject suggests that the problems may continue for a while. If you are an Apple developer, we strongly recommend that you check Apple’s developer portal before continuing with your projects.

    Here are Apple’s interrupted developer services

    • App Store – TestFlight
    • App Store Connect
    • App Store Connect – App Processing
    • App Store Connect – App Upload
    • Xcode Cloud

    When we look at the data on Apple’s developer portal, we see that the outage did not affect ordinary users. However, the app update service of the App Store, for example, is currently not working. This may affect individual users, albeit partially. Apps will not update until the problem is fixed.

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