As Netflix pays: subscription era begins for iPhone

    It has been claimed that Apple will launch the iPhone subscription service due to the increasing prices of technological devices all over the world.

    According to the news of Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, the disruptions in the supply and production chain that started during the pandemic process and the lack of raw materials led to a major chip crisis. Therefore, the prices of all smartphones and technological devices in the world are increasing. But Apple aims to solve this problem with an idea called iPhone subscription service.

    What is iPhone subscription service?
    This iPhone subscription service, introduced by Apple, is actually quite similar to the device upgrade program implemented by the company in the USA. Thanks to this system, you can use the device you want by paying a certain monthly fee and agree with the company instead of paying a single payment to a prepayment or credit card in installments.

    Apple is expected to introduce this subscription service after the iPhone 14 event, towards the end of 2022, or in the first quarter of next year with the iPhone SE 2 023. Of course, it is not yet known how the prices will be and in which countries it will be put into service.

    However, if we look at Apple’s current iPhone protection (AppleCare Protection Plan) and upgrade (AppleCare+) plan, you can enter the system by paying $ 35 per month in the USA. Of course, there are different options that you can pay – 250 dollars per year. But the company makes hundreds of millions of dollars every month thanks to its digital services like Apple Music, TV+ and Fitness+.

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