Before the iPhone 14 Arrived, News of the Increase

    According to information reported by sources in South Korea, Apple abandoned Chinese manufacturers on the front camera and turned to LG Innotek. This choice of the company has tripled the cost of the front camera.

    While we talked about the camera manufacturer Leica’s transition from Huawei to Xiaomi the other day in the smartphone world, another important news came from the industry today. According to the news by Korea IT News, based on industry sources, Apple will now start working with a South Korean company for the front cameras on iPhones, instead of a Chinese company.

    According to the shared details, Apple will include LG Innotek products in the front camera section of its phones with the new iPhone series. While the company is expected to make this change in the iPhone 15 series, the early arrival of the change caused some speculation.

    Products from Chinese manufacturers may have failed:

    It has been interpreted that Apple’s change of manufacturer in its front camera is due to the quality tests of the products of the contracted Chinese manufacturers. LG Innotek, the company’s new supplier, which is said to have agreed for the front camera, has been providing Apple’s rear cameras for a long time.

    Some question marks arose about the reflection of this change on the consumer. Because, according to the information obtained from the sources, the front camera of the iPhone 14 will cost 3 times more than the front camera of the iPhone 13 with both this change and new features. Although Apple has classified its front cameras as ‘low-cost’ to date, this pen will come out of the class with the iPhone 14. It is not known whether Apple will reflect this increase in prices.

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