Brand New Apple Macbook Pro and Macbook Air With New M2 Processor Introduced

    Apple is here with its new processor and new computer. The new generation Macbook Air promises high-performance thanks to its M2 processor without breaking the roots of the series.

    The M series processors that Apple has produced for the last 2 years have proven that they can do high-capacity work in their portable computers. The Macbook Air with the M1 processor offered nearly as high-end performance as the Macbook Pros of a generation before.

    Now we are faced with a brand new Macbook Air with a new version of that processor.

    Introducing the brand new Macbook Air with the new M2 processor!

    As can be seen from the images above, Apple took a lot of inspiration from the design of the Macbook Pros with M1 Max and M1 Pro processors in the design of the new Macbook Air. The body, which is accompanied by the classic Apple chewing gum keyboard, this time is accompanied by the colours used in higher segment products. In addition, the computer comes with a power cable with a braided cover, albeit with an old-generation magnetic input.

    MacBook Air M2 specs:

    • Processor: Apple M2
      • 8 cores
      • 10 core GPU
    • Display:  13.6-inch Liquid Retina, 500 nits brightness, 1 million colors 
    • Storage:  Max 2TB
    • RAM: Maximum 24 GB
    • Battery:  18 hours of battery life (Standard use, capacity not yet announced)
    • 4 speakers
    • MagSafe power jack
    • MagSafe keyboard
    • Touch ID fingerprint reader
    • 1.2-kilogram weight
    • 11.3mm thickness

    Introducing the new and brand new Macbook Pro with M2 processor!

    The 13-inch Macbook Pro, which is the beginning of Apple’s high-end laptop models, has been completely renewed with this model. There is no significant change in terms of design, but the data in the last image summarizes the situation in terms of performance. 3.4 times faster than the last Macbook Pro 13 inch with Intel processor, the new model is also 39% faster than the version with M1. In other words, Apple managed to produce a computer that is about 2 times faster in a short time.

    MacBook Pro M2 13 inch specs:

    • Processor: Apple M2
      • 8 cores
      • 10 core GPU
    • Display:  13-inch Retina, 500 nits brightness, P3 colour gamut
    • Storage:  Max 2TB
    • RAM: Maximum 24 GB
    • Battery: 20 hours of battery life (Standard use, capacity not yet announced)
    • Studio-quality microphones
    • Wi-Fi 6
    • MagSafe keyboard and Touch Bar
    • USB-C Thunderbolt input
    • Active cooling system
    • Weight and thickness information has not been shared yet

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