Good and Bad News for the iPhone 14

    Two new claims about the upcoming iPhone 14 family have come to the fore. According to the claims of industry sources, iPhone 14 Pro models will offer the Always-on Display feature, which has been called the future for years. However, it is also suggested that the new iPhones will be delayed, as the company is at a point behind its planned due to restrictions in China.

    As we approach September, the rumour mill about the US-based technology giant Apple started to boil. Because the company will most likely hold an event in September and will introduce the iPhone 14 series as part of this event. The latest statements made by Ross Young, one of the names in the industry known for his accurate leaks, suggest that there may be an important innovation in the iPhone 14 Pro family.

    According to the statements made by Ross Young, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will use Apple’s 120 Hz ProMotion screens and can work even at 1 Hz. Moreover, it is claimed that the iPhone 14 Pro family may have the Always-on Display feature. The new feature can be considered ‘good news’ for iPhone users, but it can also be criticized, considering that this feature was first introduced by Samsung 6 years ago. 

    According to news from China, there is a delay in the iPhone 14 family

    According to another news in Nikkei Asia, one of the well-established news sites, Apple is stuck in a corner due to the COVID-19 measures in China. According to the information obtained, one of the iPhone 14 models has fallen exactly 3 weeks behind the company’s plans. This means that the iPhone 14 member, whose model is not disclosed, may meet with users later.

    The source of the news in Nikkei Asia claims that he is the senior manager of one of Apple’s supply chains in China. The anonymous source claims that the iPhone 14 was worked on for 24 hours, but the planning could not be followed. According to the source, the only thing that would fix the lag was to speed up the development process, but it’s not clear how this will be done. It is unknown whether the iPhone 14 will suffer the same fate as the iPhone 12, which was delayed by a month in the first year of the pandemic due to COVID-19.

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