Here’s How to Use Apple’s Feature to Send Money from iPhone to iPhone in a Second

    Apple started testing the “Tap to Pay” feature, which allows payments in seconds, at Apple Park. The feature, which allows sending money between two iPhones without the need for any additional hardware, seems to be launching in the near future.

    US-based technology giant Apple has been working on a feature called “Tap to Pay” for a while. This feature is based on contactless payment technologies. With Tap to Pay, it will only take a few seconds to transfer money between two iPhones. A video shared on Twitter reveals that Apple has started testing this feature at Apple Park in the USA.

    The Tap to Pay feature is not just a system used between two users. Apple engineers are trying to introduce Tap to Pay as a payment method. For example, you went into a store and bought a few pieces of something. Thanks to Tap to Pay, you will not have to deal with credit cards. Users with an iPhone‌‌ XS or newer smartphone will be able to make the payment in seconds with the Tap to Pay feature.

    Tap to Pay is currently only available in the US

    Tap to Pay, which is an extension of Apple’s payment service Apple Pay, is currently only available to consumers in the USA. However, the company is working to expand the scope of the feature. Collaborating with various payment providers in different countries, Apple seems to enable Tap to Pay to leave the US borders with these collaborations.

    Apple has not made an official statement about the release date of the Tap to Pay feature. However, industry sources point to Apple’s collaborations, saying that the feature will be available in most of the US later this year.

    Here are the moments when the Tap to Pay feature is used in Apple Park:

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