iOS 16 Coming! Here’s Everything We Can Expect to Unveil at WWDC 2022!

    The 2022 leg of Apple’s annual WWDC event has already begun to be eagerly awaited. So, which new products, services and software will the company show at the event to be held on June 6th?

    We started counting the days for one of Apple’s highly anticipated events every year. The 2022 leg of the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), where the company focuses on new software, will be held between June 6 and June 10. On the first day of the event, as always, Apple will introduce its brand new software, products and services.

    So what will we see at the WWDC 2022 event, which will start next Tuesday? Although Apple, as usual, does not share an official statement about what will be shown at the event, we have many point-and-shoot estimates based on the scope of the event and what we have seen in previous years. Let’s see what we can see at WWDC 2022.

    What is Apple expected to show at WWDC 2022?

    Brand new iOS OS version: iOS 16

    The most anticipated announcement of the WWDC event will of course be the new version of the iOS operating system available on iPhone phones. According to the information learned so far, iOS 16 will bring many new features to iPhones. These features are expected to include backgrounds with features such as widgets on the lock screen and an always-on lock screen.

    In addition, significant improvements are expected in the Messages and Health application with the new iOS version. It is said that with the new version of Apple, the Messages app will bring ‘advanced features’ to voice messages and will bring the sleep tracking feature to the Health app. In addition to these, the new version also mentions the future of important improvements in vehicle accident detection, emergency satellite communication and notifications.

    iPadOS 16

    In the new version of the operating system of iPads, features that will turn iPads even more into a laptop are expected. In fact, the new operating system version is expected to be one of the biggest updates to date. The update is said to bring significant innovations to the redesigned multitasking interface.

    watchOS 9

    In the new version of the operating system of Apple’s smartwatches, the new power-saving mode is eagerly awaited. In addition, it is stated that new features that will improve sports and health tracking will come to smartwatches.

    macOS 13

    Of course, another element of the event that will attract the most attention along with iOS will be the new macOS operating system version macOS 13. With the new operating system, features such as changing the design of applications such as Messages, Mail, Notes and Safari on Mac computers are expected. However, it is not yet known which features will come.

    The new Mac Pro computer might be coming too!

    One detail that will make next Tuesday exciting is the expectation that Apple will introduce a brand new Mac Pro computer. According to the details first shared by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple would introduce this computer between May and June. This indicates that we can see the new computer at this event. Of course, it is also a possibility that Apple will organize a separate event for the Mac Pro.

    Will virtual/augmented reality glasses also come?

    Virtual/augmented reality glasses, which Apple has been known to work on for many years, are unfortunately not expected to be introduced this year. It is claimed that the glasses will be introduced in 2023. On the other hand, Apple has recently come to the fore with a development confirming that these glasses will come very soon. The company had copyrighted a new operating system name called ‘realityOS’.

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