iPhone 14: New Processor and 48MP Camera Will Only Be on ‘Pro’ Models

    Mark Gurman from Bloomberg shared his expectations and predictions regarding Apple’s iPhone 14 series, according to information he obtained from industry sources. Gurman, who has made many accurate predictions and leaks about Apple products before, pointed out that the distinction between standard and Pro models in iPhone 14 will turn into a much larger chasm.

    While there is still a long time before we see Apple’s iPhone models this year, new information about the new series continues to be shared. While we have seen images showing that we will finally get rid of the big notch of iPhones in the past few days, important claims have been made about the hardware inside the phone today.

    Mark Gurman, a name closely followed by the technology industry, suggested in his latest article in Bloomberg that the standard model and Pro models will come with different processors and cameras in the iPhone 14 series. Within the scope of these differences, which will make the difference between the Pro and the standard model even more obvious, it has been suggested that the standard model of the iPhone 14 will not have a 48 MP wide-angle camera.

    iPhone 14 will carry the processor of iPhone 13

    It is stated that the standard iPhone 14 will carry the 12 MP camera that we see in the iPhone 13 series, while it is said that this will be the same in the processor. Gurman stated that the iPhone 14 will carry the A15 processor in the iPhone 13, not the new A16 processor. In addition, he made a surprise statement about the new series.

    iPhone 14 may introduce a new model into our lives

    Gurman announced that he expects the launch of another model with the name ‘Max’ with the iPhone 14 series. This model, which will be called iPhone 14 Max, will provide a 6.7-inch screen in standard models as well as in the Pro Max model.

    Work continues on the satellite feature

    Finally, Gurman said that the satellite connection feature, which Apple has been working on for a long time, may come with the iPhone 14. Globalstar Inc. With the said feature, which is said to have been developed with the satellite company named A.Ş., it will be able to send short messages and make calls in case of emergency, thanks to the satellites in low orbit, even at points where there is no connection.

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