Live Performances Coming to Apple Music

    Apple has brought a new feature to its music service Apple Music. This feature, called Apple Music Sessions, will allow users to access live performances of world-famous singers.

    Music platforms such as Spotify and YouTube Music, which have millions of users, are trying to improve the user experience by bringing new features to their applications. Apple Music, the music service developed by technology giant Apple, also adds new features to its platform to stand out from the competition with other platforms. 

    The giant company announced that it will add a new feature to the Apple Music service with its statements recently. It was reported that the new service added to the platform was named ‘ Apple Music Sessions ‘. This feature is similar to Spotify’s ‘Spotify Sessions’ service, another popular music service. 

    Live performances of artists can be listened to in high quality

    According to the statements, Apple Music Sessions will include live performances from both world-famous singers and emerging artists. It was also stated in the statements made by the company that these performances can be listened to with the support of  ‘spatial audio ‘.

    In addition, it was stated that these live performances, which will take place in Apple Music Sessions, will be recorded at Apple Music studios around the world. In addition, these performances were filmed; In other words, it was stated that the users of the service can watch videos with high sound quality.

    Users who are already Apple Music subscribers can already access some live performances. Recorded at the platform’s studios in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, these contents include performances by world-famous singers such as Carrie Underwood and Tenille Townes.

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