Steve Jobs Would Actually Build The First iPhone ‘Without a SIM Card’

    Tony Fadell, one of Apple’s veteran names, shared an interesting story about the first iPhone. Fadell announced that the first iPhone is actually planned to be SIM cardless.

    Bringing a new breath to the smartphone world by introducing the first iPhone model in 2007, Apple has managed to reach hundreds of millions by releasing a new model every year. Today, a very interesting story was shared about Apple’s first iPhone model. The story was narrated by Tony Fadell, former Senior Vice President of Apple’s iPod division, known as the “father of the iPod.”

    Speaking to journalist Joanna Stern, Fadell revealed that Apple co-founder and then-CEO Steve Jobs plans to make the first iPhone ‘without a SIM card’. According to Fadell, Jobs did not want to use GSM cellular data technology for communication, but instead aimed to connect iPhones to the world with CDMA technology.

    Steve Jobs would connect the iPhone to the world in a different way:

    CDMA technology, which is used especially for internet connection at very high speeds, could enable you to carry even fixed phones with you like mobile phones. So what happened that Jobs gave up on CDMA technology? It was Fadell himself who turned Jobs away from this idea.

    To persuade Jobs to move away from CDMA technology, Fadell used market data showing that the technology is not yet widely used. Finally, Jobs was convinced by what Fadell showed and gave up on the idea. However, this does not mean that no iPhone has been released that does not have CDMA support. Apple had also released the CDMA variant of the iPhone 4 for the Verizon network in 2011. 

    On the other hand, Apple seems to try to adapt this technology again if we look at the claims made recently. Many experts in the industry speculate that Apple will not have a SIM card in the iPhone 15 series. Of course, we will see the accuracy of these predictions only when the time comes.

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