Top 5 New Features We Expect to Come to iPhones with iOS 16

    With the approach of June, the countdown has begun for the WWDC event to be organized by Apple. Apple will also introduce iOS 16 at this event. So, what features will the new operating system of iPhones offer for the first time?

    The moving process is about to begin for the US-based technology giant Apple. So much so that the company will officially launch Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) events on June 6, 2022. In this event, above all else, we will have the opportunity to meet the new operating system iOS 16 to be used on iPhones.

    Apple introduced major innovations in almost every iOS announcement. As such, we expect a similar situation to occur in iOS 16. So what can Apple offer consumers in iOS 16? Now we will talk about some possible features that we will have the opportunity to meet for the first time in iOS 16. Let’s take a closer look at those features that we have compiled from the leaks and the statements made by the leading names of the industry so far.

    5 features we’re likely to meet for the first time in iOS 16

    Satellite support for emergencies

    When we talk about leaks and new information about Apple, one of the first names that come to mind is Mark Gurman from Bloomberg. According to Gurman, who has proven his reliability with the statements he has made so far, the biggest innovation in iOS 16 will be the emergency satellite support to be added to the phones. So what will this feature do and what emergencies will it cover?

    Allegedly, the emergency satellite support feature of iOS 16 will allow an iPhone owner to contact authorities even if they do not have mobile line access. Supporting iPhones will connect directly to satellites, and consumers will seek assistance in the event of a fire, plane crash or earthquake. According to Mark Gurman, this feature will be available with two different applicability options. The first of these will be the ability of users to send text messages to the authorities. The second applicability option will be to forward the user’s medical identification information and location information to the authorities.

    Traffic accident detection feature

    According to The Wall Street Journal, one of the important features in iOS 16 will be to detect traffic accidents. The sources, who say that this feature will be used through sensors on the iPhone and Apple Watch, suggest that the feature has already been tested for about a year. So how will the traffic accident detection feature in iOS 16 work?

    According to the information obtained, Apple will measure the g force using sensors such as the accelerometer of the iPhone and Apple Watch . If a result that should not be obtained in these measurements is obtained, it will be understood that the car had an accident. After all, the g-force is not something that is constantly changing. Changing means something big. However, the traffic accident detection feature will not be limited to this. The phone will automatically notify the health authorities after detecting the accident. This will help prevent possible loss of life.

    Interactive widgets

    Apple introduced the widget feature a few years ago. However, these widgets are not at the desired point for now. Because there is no functionality for widgets. According to Mark Gurman, iOS 16 will offer a whole new experience in using widgets. Because users will be interactive with the new operating system. Although it is not known exactly what is meant by “interaction” here, according to estimates, widgets on iPhones can now be customized. In this way, users will be offered a much better experience.

    Renewed Apple apps

    According to the claims of industry sources, iOS 16 will have renewed Apple applications. In this context; The biggest innovation will be in the Health application. It is stated that with iOS 16, advanced sleep-tracking and medication management features will be added to the Health application. On the other hand, features such as the menstrual cycle for women will also be available in the Health app on iOS 16. In addition to all these, it is stated that applications such as Messages, Photos, FaceTime and Calendar will be almost completely replaced. It is also possible for us to meet new Apple applications.

    Brand new apps to use with Apple’s augmented reality headset

    Apple has been coming up with an augmented reality headset for a long time. However, there is no concrete development regarding this product so far. This is believed to change in WWDC 2022. According to industry sources, notably Mark Gurman, Apple will officially unveil the augmented reality headset at WWDC 2022.

    If the expectations come true and Apple comes up with an augmented reality headset at WWDC 2022, iOS 16 will bring brand new applications with this equipment. Considering how big the augmented reality world is, it is possible to say that there will be unique experiences waiting for users in iOS 16 with this kind of equipment…

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