Video from Apple to Exacerbate iPhone-Android Discussions

    Apple has released an interesting commercial that hints at a data breach by its competitors. The company showed that data brokers at an auction house were buying the data via the auction method in the commercial, which implied that its competitors were selling user data.

    Apple has released a commercial that is likely to anger manufacturers, especially those using the Android operating system, implying that their competitors are committing a data breach. In the ad, an auction house called “DUBIOUS” ran an ad, where data brokers buy data by auction, a bit funny and yet highlights an important issue. 

    Advertising, “Your Data is Sold!” It was published last night with the title. The main character in the ad, Ellie, is inspecting records at a music store when a door catches her attention. When She opens the door, she discovers a secret auction where stylishly dressed people bid to buy other people’s private data. Everything from Ellie’s private messages to her grandmother is auctioned off to data brokers.

    Here’s the video, in which Apple hints that its competitors are selling their data:

    Of course, since this is an Apple ad, Ellie’s secret weapon is an iPhone 13, and Ellie removes this weapon and clicks the “Shared Data” button in the settings of any application. Then the data brokers disappear one by one. Finally, our character also turns the e-mail and search history privacy settings ‘off’, and the auction house is completely empty in a short time.

    Apple App Hiding Program requires consent to monitor data

    There have been many allegations that app developers are also selling your data to third-party data brokers. In fact, many technology giants such as Facebook have been tried and punished in this regard. In a sense, with its latest commercial, Apple has made a serious reference to its competitors in the ‘technology’ sector. Because Apple’s Application Privacy Program now requires application developers to get your permission to monitor your data.

    It’s not just this ad or Apple’s various privacy-related anti-tracking features that Apple gives to personal privacy. Apple CEO Tim Cook  shares the company’s view on privacy by declaring, “A world without privacy is less creative, less empathetic, less innovative, less humane.” Of course, it’s up to you, our readers, to see how real this point of view is.

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