Dall-E Turns Anything You Write Into Ultra-Realistic Images, Opens to 1 Million People

    The artificial intelligence DALL-E, which has gained worldwide popularity, will be accessible to a total of 1 million people in the coming days. So what will those who gain access be able to do with artificial intelligence?

    The artificial intelligence DALL-E 2, which turns what you describe in writing into realistic visuals, has managed to attract the attention of the whole world with the works it has produced so far. As far as we’ve seen so far, there has been a highly anticipated announcement about artificial intelligence that can produce almost anything you want, in any way you want, in seconds.

    DALL-E 2, which is currently only available to limited people, will be available for a total of one million people in the coming days. According to the announcement shared by OpenAI, the developer of artificial intelligence, one million people who signed up for the waiting list for artificial intelligence will have the chance to use artificial intelligence.

    So what will you do if you get a chance to access the DALL-E 2?

    When you gain access to DALL-E 2, you will see 50 credits added to your account. Exclusive to your first month only, this credit is used to create images with DALL-E. Each image costs one credit. In the following months, each user is given 15 free credits per month. Users who want can get 115 more credits for 15 dollars.

    There is no limit to using the images you produce with DALL-E 2 anywhere. Moreover, you can use these images for commercial purposes without any problems. In other words, if you wish, you can visualize the world’s most ridiculous or creative idea with DALL-E, print it on a t-shirt and sell t-shirts.

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