Decreasing GPU Demand of Crypto Miners Announced

    Technology giant Asus made statements that will make gamers happy. The giant company stated that the demand for video cards from cryptocurrency miners decreased and the market began to normalize.

    The increasing prevalence of cryptocurrency mining has caused miners to turn to graphics cards. This situation put the worldwide video card stocks in a difficult situation and upset the gamers. Now, the giant computer manufacturer Asus has made important statements on this issue.

    Stating that he expects desktop computer shipments to decrease by 10%, and motherboard and graphics card shipments to decrease by 10-15%, Asus noted in his new statements that the demand for cards by crypto miners is gradually decreasing.

    “Decreased demand from crypto miners normalizes the market”

    According to the news of The Register, SY Hsu, one of the CEOs of the technology giant, made statements that will attract the attention of gamers at the company’s first-quarter earnings meeting. The CEO spoke about the drop in demand from crypto miners. Hsu stated that the fact that Ethereum, the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world after Bitcoin, started to move away from GPU-based mining caused this decrease.

    “ Decreased demand for cryptocurrency mining in GPU shipments is causing the graphics card market to normalize,” Hsu said in his statements. It is stated that this decrease may be due to the recent decrease, albeit small. In addition, it is reported that Ethereum’s shift to the proof-of-stake method based on digital asset ownership instead of the proof-of-work method based on excessive processing power requirement also contributed to this decline.

    It is also among the news that existing mining facilities may start selling their equipment to generate cash. It is stated that this may cause cheaper, second-hand graphics cards to enter the market. Of course, considering how hard they work for mining, it can be said that buying this hardware can be a bit risky.

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