Elon Musk Announces When Tesla’s First Humanoid Robot May Be Shown

    A new statement came from Elon Musk about Tesla’s humanoid robot. The billionaire businessperson announced that the event called AI Day for this robot has been postponed to September 30. Here are the details…

    Elon Musk, the richest person in the world, who manages companies such as SpaceX and Tesla, has been making remarkable statements about robots for a while and cares about this sector. In fact, Tesla announced its first humanoid robot “Tesla Bot” about a year ago and announced that this robot could be used in tasks that would make life easier, such as housework and kitchen shopping. Elon Musk once again talked about this robot.

    Tesla would hold an event called AI Day in the coming period, and within the scope of this event, it would introduce its new technologies and make statements about the artificial intelligence industry. Elon Musk, who shared on Twitter, announced that this event was postponed to September 30. So why did Musk make such a decision?

    “We may have a working humanoid robot prototype by then”

    Elon Musk also touched on the reasons for the delay in his post on Twitter. According to the billionaire businessman, Tesla’s fully working Optimus prototype may be completed by then. This has led to the postponement of the event called AI Day. By the way; Let’s say that the robot called Tesla Bot when it was first announced is now called Optimus.

    We said that Elon Musk cares about the robot industry. Let’s unpack this a little. Musk made a remarkable debut in a statement he made a few weeks ago. So much so that, according to Musk, humanoid robots are more important to Tesla than cars. Moreover, according to Musk, robots named Optimus can be launched in 2023. If such a thing happens, it will be a matter of curiosity about how the company’s automobile production will continue.

    Elon Musk’s post on Twitter:

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