Elon Musk Reveals Humanoid Robots Will Be “More Important Than Cars” To Tesla

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced in his new statement that robots will be much more important to Tesla than cars. Musk shared that Tesla Bots, which were recently introduced in August, could be launched in 2023.

    Last August, Tesla introduced its humanoid robot ‘Tesla Bot (Optimus)’ with a vision beyond self-driving cars. With this robot, which is aimed to do ‘simple and repetitive boring and ordinary jobs’, Elon Musk defined Tesla as the world’s largest robot company and stated that the next step would be humanoid robots.

    Emphasizing that “If we don’t do it, someone else will” while promoting the robot, Musk shared his new views on the future today. Speaking on the earnings call, where the company announced its revenue for the first quarter of 2022, Musk stated that Tesla continues to work on the robot. He also made a statement that showed his target on the future of robots.

    The Robot will be more important to Tesla than cars:

    Announcing that the Optimus robot will debut in 2023 at the beginning of this month, Musk announced that this time Optimus will be more valuable than a car and fully autonomous driving. Musk also stated that he was surprised that people were not aware of the size of the Optimus robot program. Musk’s statement on this issue was as follows:

    “The importance of Optimus will emerge in the years to come. Those with insight or listening will realize that Optimus will ultimately be worth more than the car business, the FSD.”

    Robotaxes come to 2 years:


    In addition to his explanation about the Optimus robot, Musk also made a date for autonomous ‘robotaxies’ that do not give any steering wheel or pedal. Musk has announced that Tesla’s robotaxes can be launched by 2024. He also stated that these vehicles could play an important role in Tesla’s growth.

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