First All-Electric British Aircraft eKub Successfully Flew: “A Milestone for Electric Aviation”

    The first all-electric British aircraft, the eKub, produced as part of a project run by Cranfield University in the United Kingdom, has passed a milestone. It was reported that the aircraft, which is stated to be of importance in electric aviation, successfully performed its first flights.

    As we all know, environmental problems around the world threaten the future of our planet to a great extent. For this reason, steps are being taken to reduce the effects of climate change in many areas. An example of this is automobiles which contribute greatly to carbon emissions. For this reason, many manufacturers are planning to popularize environmentally-friendly vehicles by investing in the electrification process vehicles.

    In addition, it is possible to say that the carbon footprint of the aviation industry is quite high. Research shows that the fuels used in this sector account for more than 2% of global carbon dioxide emissions; in other words, it reveals that it seriously harms our planet. For this reason, moves are being made to create a sustainable future in aircraft, just like in automobiles. Now, a step towards electric planes has come from the UK.

    First all-electric British aircraft successfully conducted test flights

    A project run by Cranfield University in the United Kingdom has left behind an important milestone in this regard. According to the statements, an all-electric aircraft created by the project, which wants to advance electric aviation, successfully performed its first flights. It was also stated that this conventional aircraft, which has the name eKub, is the first all-electric aircraft designed and developed by the British.

    In the statements, the plane made a second flight of 10 minutes at first and then 22 minutes after that. Dr., who works at Cranfield University in the pilot seat of the flight, which is stated to be a very big step for electric aviation. It was reported that Guy Gratton was sitting.

    Commenting on the flight, Gratton said: “ The aircraft managed to fly in line with our predictions from our analysis and testing. We are at the very beginning of what we will learn about electric aviation. As an aeronautical engineer and researcher, I can say that this experience has been one of the most exciting things I’ve ever had.” Paul Hendry Smith, director of The Light Aircraft Company, which built the aircraft, said in his statements that the flight was a turning point for the use of electrically powered aircraft .

    The eKub, a Microlight type aircraft, is known for being the first British all-electric aircraft. It is stated that the vehicle and project, financed by many different organizations, can be a pioneer in the new era of the aviation industry and be important for a ‘greener’ future.

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