Google Introduces New Headset Pixel Buds Pro

    Google’s Pixel Buds Pro headphones, which have been a great curiosity for a while, have finally been introduced. Headphones, which are expected to rival Airpods Pro, were separated from Apple with Google technology.

    Google introduced the highly anticipated latest technology devices with the event held today. Pixel Buds Pro was one of the most popular and popular among the new products. 

    Pixel Buds Pro, which is expected to rival Apple’s wireless earphones Airpods Pro, has managed to gain admiration from the audience with its features. Let’s take a closer look at the popular features of Google’s new headphones.

    Has active noise cancelling and transparency options

    Pixel Buds have been getting full marks from users for a long time. Google also took the audio experience to the next level, with the help of technologies developed for the new version of the earphones, Pixel Buds Pro. Some headsets allow you to connect to a single device, which caused criticism. Considering this request of users, Google uses a multi-point connection in Pixel Buds Pro, which allows connecting more than one device. 

    Especially those who use headphones while working know that; Outside noises can be very annoying at times. At this point, the active noise cancelling in Pixel Buds Pro prevents users from being heard from behind and provides a cleaner sound experience. If you want to be aware of what is happening around you, you will be able to use the Transparency Mode in Pixel Buds Pro for this. 

    Live translation in more than two dozen languages ​​with the help of Google Assistant

    The headphones, which can also translate live with the help of Google Assistant, seem to make life easier with this feature. Google Hardware Chief Rick Osterloh said of the Pixel Buds Pro, which he said were specially designed to fit the ear, “the best mobile audio hardware we’ve ever designed.”

    Pixel Buds Pro, which is expected to rival Airpods Pro, will take its place in the markets on July 21 with a selling price of $ 199. However, Google says that they have successfully transferred the technologies they already have to the headset. Pixel Buds Pro will allow you to control the smart technology you use in your home and live translation in more than two dozen languages ​​with the help of Google Assistant.

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