Google Maps will now show the air quality of the place you want to go

    The ability to show air quality has been added to Google Maps. The feature, which is available for iOS and Android versions, shows the quality of the air in a certain place according to official data. The new feature of Google Maps is currently only available in India and the USA.

    An important innovation has come to the US-based technology giant Google’s navigation application Maps. The Android and iOS versions of the app can now also display the air quality in designated locations. Trying to expand the scope of this feature, the developers plan to provide information for forest fires in the future.

    In fact, the new feature in Google Maps has appeared in the test version in recent years. But the feature was forgotten for a while. Now, the development team’s work has been completed and the air quality display feature has been introduced. Users will now be able to examine the data in the Air Quality Index (AQI) standards for a location where they are or will be found.

    Here’s what Google Maps’ new feature looks like

    The air quality feature in Google Maps has added a stat bar from 0 to 400 in the app. This bar serves to divide the air quality of locations into different colours. For example, if the examined place is green, it is understood that the air quality there is good. As the colour turns red, we understand that the air in the area has started to become polluted.

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