Google Pixel 6A, A New Tablet and More

    The highly anticipated launch of Google was finally held today. Introducing the new flagship phone Pixel 6A, the technology giant also introduced Pixel 7, 7 Pro and many new products.

    With the launch of Google today, Pixel Buds Pro and other expected products after Pixel Watch were also introduced. In addition to Google’s phones and tablets, which aroused great curiosity, smart glasses were other products introduced at the launch.

    The phones, about which many claims were made before their release, have very interesting features. Let’s take a closer look at other products introduced with Google’s Pixel 6A and 7 models. 

    Introducing Google Pixel 6A 

    The highly anticipated Google’s newest phone, the Google Pixel 6A, was finally seen at the launch today. As expected, the phone, which is presented to users with the Tensor chipset, will be available on July 28 for $ 499.

    In terms of design, the design language we saw in the Google Pixel 5A last year is similarly seen in the 6A model. Having the same camera module as the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, the 6A includes a 12-megapixel main camera. The 6A, which will not let users down with its battery life, promises to use your phone for 3 days in battery saving mode.

    Google Pixel 6A technical specifications:

    • Display: 6.1 inch OLED 1080p 60Hz refresh rate
    • Processor: Android 13
    • RAM: 6 GB 
    • Storage: 128GB
    • Rear Camera: 12+12+8 megapixels
    • Battery: 4,400 mAh

    Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro were also shown at the event

    The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro will come with a Tensor chipset and Android 13, justifying most of the claims. At the event, where the first look at the phone was made, autumn was pointed out for the launch date.

    The Pixel 7 Pro appears to have three main cameras. It offers a very pleasant shooting quality with its ultra-wide, standard wide and telephoto camera. The camera module and frame are made of aluminium to increase durability. The design language of both phones seems to continue the classic Google touches with the newly introduced Pixel 6A.

    We’ve finally seen a new tablet from Google!

    Google has also made a comeback to tablets that we haven’t seen from him for a long time. Although tablets have turned into tools we use to convey drawing or creative ideas, they still have a lot of users. Google introduced its new Android tablet with its launch today.

    The new features in Android 13 seem to transfer to the tablet’s operating system as well. However, not much information has been disclosed about the tablet yet. For this reason, we will continue to keep you informed as developments come. 

    Google offers live translation with AR glasses

    As you know, AR glasses have started to appear in most of our lives with the metaverse. Google also kept up with the developing world of technology by introducing its new glasses using AR technology at the launch. Augmented reality glasses not only keep up with technology but also provide many possibilities.

    The most striking feature of AR glasses is that they can translate. However, since no more details were given about the launch, we cannot comment on issues such as ‘privacy concerns’ for now. We expect the question marks in our minds to be answered with its release in the future.

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